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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guns Are Bombs

I am hearing that the horrible bombing of the Boston Marathon diverted attention from Senate efforts to pass expanded background checks for gun purchases and is one of the reasons the measure didn't pass, despite the overwhelming support of Americans for even more stringent measures. I must say I don't understand why concerns raised by the bombing did not considerably amplify the legibility and force of the arguments for gun safety legislation. After all, the arguments for security measures against mass-casualty terror and crime are all also arguments for common sense gun safety measures. For me, bombs are enough like guns that the GOP's hatred and fear of bombs is hard to square with their love and enabling of guns. The Second Amendment protects a right to bear arms -- and aren't bombs and guns both Arms in the relevant sense? Either you think liberty demands unrestricted access of all to all, or you think liberty is compatible with limiting access of some to some. "Derp, the only way to stop a bad terrorist with a bad bomb, derp, is a good terrorist with a good bomb, derp." Surely everyone can see how stoopid it would be for anybody to say this, surely this isn't an argument that would gain traction or shape legislation even in the GOP?


mtraven said...

Pretty obvious isn't it? You are right, both guns and bombs employ explosive chemical reaction to accelerate metal to the point where it will cause injury to living flesh.

But only one functions as a penis extender/substitute.

Dale Carrico said...

I dunno, I've often thought missiles functioned as penis extenders for certain heads -- no pun intended -- of state...