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Monday, January 31, 2022


 Read and sign the petition:

It’s An Eyesore, It’s Ugly and Filled with Garbage,

The Fencing is Dilapidated and Broken, Sidewalks are Unsafe

Since Phase I of Shops at the Ridge was completed, the developer has completely neglected the remaining parcel, leaving residents of Rockridge and shoppers with this eyesore. Let's spark action to fix this!

We all take care of our homes and sidewalks per City requirements. Why shouldn’t the developer be required to do the same? Tell the City what you think by signing the petition!

   We the undersigned request that the City of Oakland require the owners and developers of the property to improve the property while development decisions are being made, such that it no longer violates City Codes regarding Blighted Property: The permanent use of construction fencing is a violation of City of Oakland Building Codes; The southern perimeter sidewalk is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act; The telecom equipment on the Broadway side is in violation of City Codes; Replace the non-compliant signage on the western edge of the property. 

Tell the City that the community will no longer accept the current conditions of the lot and to immediately work with the developers to bring it into compliance. Sign the petition today!

Thank you!