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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exxon Will Not Cease and Desist Hating Your Children

A coalition of three social justice and environmentalist organizations created a rather innocuously satirical ad and informational website, ExxonHatesYourChildren. The coalition has managed to air the ad some places (like MSNBC, natch) but Exxon keeps bullying them off the air in others. Exxon's rebuttal of the content of the ad and its Cease-and-Desist order is quite hilarious, an even more pitch-perfect parody of greenwashing than the ad itself in its own way (I actually laughed out loud reading it, which is more than I can say about the ad itself), full of declarations about how it loves flinging pennies in the general direction of kids dying of asthma in greenhouse storms and how it builds one whole wind-turbine in a field of sunflowers for every hundred bazillion dollars it makes from the hazardous ravaging polluting extraction of burnable nonrenewable gunk. Here is the ad everybody is seeing because Exxon doesn't want anybody seeing it.

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