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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reflection Can Be Hard On Genuflection

Commenters over at Boing Boing point out that the actual chart published under the headline "Internet penetration is never correlated with increasing power to dictators, and is often correlated with increased freedom" is directly contradicted by the chart itself. So far the commenters are roughly divided between expressions of perplexity about the obvious inconvenient truths suggested by the chart while others simply declare the premise of the headline obviously true and the chart obviously vindicating of their faith in a full froth of ideological interneticism. The adjudicating comment arrives in the form of the declaration by one reader: "Cory, I do desperately want this to be true, but unfortunately, it's not!" One awaits the correction or, at any rate, the inventive excuses. -- h/t David Golumbia

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