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Thursday, April 25, 2013

BooMan's GOP Bestiary

BooMan has posted an amusing GOP personality typology entitled Kinds of Crazy. My problem with his proposed mapping of Movement Republican Crazytown is not that it amounts to name calling (they deserve it), but that its categories really don't stand up to scrutiny if what is wanted from such an exercise is more than a good laugh. I think there is a near-total overlap (and probably co-dependency) between his assholes and his stupids, and I suspect that few to none of his crazies are actually certifiably crazy -- though many to most of them would probably benefit from therapy, also true of many to most of his assholes and stupids -- but are really just assholes putting on a Crazytown show for money or attention or stupids duped into Crazytown because they're ignorant and lazy.

1 comment:

jimf said...

> . . .really just assholes . . .

A professional philosopher published a not-unserious book on this
subject not too long ago.

Dare I point out that the author is **hot**.