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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Intellectual? Or Impresario?

Spent time with colleagues planning this year's MA thesis symposium at SFAI. Discussions of provocative thematic methodological argumentative groupings for panels were made mostly by others. Meanwhile, my suggestions kept taking the form of -- "They're much too nervous to wait till the third panel day two. Put that one in the first panel or they'll have a nervous breakdown!" "Are you crazy? Put the panel with all the campy film clips and discussions of feces LAST on day one, go out with a bang to a full house or else nobody will come on day two at all!" "We can't have a panel with both of THEM on it -- neither of them can be counted on absolutely to show up at all, put them on separate panels and cross your fingers, people!" Should I have been a wedding planner instead of teaching critical theory in a San Francisco art school possibly?

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