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Friday, April 05, 2013

APA Panel on Transhumanism on YouTube

I participated in a panel on Transhumanism and Posthumanism at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting last weekend, sponsored by the Karl Jaspers Society. A recording of the panel is up on YouTube is up now for anybody who is interested. The whole thing took about two and half hours. My own talk begins at 1.23.50. The second Q&A (in which I participated, and during which I blathered on far too much) begins at 2.04.40. Among other things affable sparring between me and Max More takes place. Comments, criticisms welcome.


Black guy from the future past said...

Really great video. The criticism that you lobed at the transhumanist club was really biting and sharp. That Mormon guy though was really a weirdo. I mean does he take any of his points seriously? How are people still talking about the "spirit" in the modern day and age? Things like that irk me.

Dale Carrico said...

He was actually rather sweet. He may come out okay if he keeps his thinking cap on for long.