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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


The bitcoin revolution is exactly as inevitable now as it was when the crypto-anarchists were completely wrong about it last time. Just saying.

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Black guy from the future past said...

Bitcoin is pretty much a piece of shit. I downloaded it, and the whole program is shit. Takes hours to do something called "syncing". Money has to be made from bitcoin mining, which is for all intents and purposes, practically impossible without a network of dedicated servers at one's disposal. Otherwise you have to convert real government backed paper and coin money into virtual bitcoin currency which is no solution to anything, because money now goes from the whims of the government/society, to the whims of some computer hackers behind the whole bitcion scheme. The only thing Bitcoin is good for is providing a safe outlet for criminal enterprise and activity. What else is there to expect from these anarcho-capitalists/libertarians/conservatives. "The "free" market" will take care of everything indeed!

People who talk of products/services being "revolutionary" always forget what Gil Scott-Heron said: "the revolution will not be televised". Which means it won't be advertised/marketed either. As such, the products of a market are literally incapable of bringing about any sort of real change. They are merely pushed on a discontent and materially deprived public. Despite the fact we have all these materials in the USA we remain ironically, materially deprived and dissatisfied, much to the chagrin of workers in so-called "third world" countries.