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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Watching Pre-DNC Convention Coverage Today...

...really hoping a week of screaming Bernie assholes isn't what we get after a week of screaming Trump assholes.
Adding: While there is major, maybe even perfect overlap between Trump support and assholery, it is obviously true that most Bernie supporters are not screaming assholes at all, very much to the contrary: Through the primaries the overwhelming majority of actual Democrats always approved HRC even when they preferred Bernie or his framing of the issues. But a minute minority of Bernie's noisemakers have been talking trash online, disrupting events, shouting down speech for months. Am hoping the DNC will be hopeful and helpful and professional after the darkness and vulgarity and know-nothingness of last week's RNC to prepare the way for the greatest possible victory for Democrats up and down the ticket. The loud impotent few who just want to Bern It Down are assholes and always were.


jimf said...

> ...really hoping a week of screaming Bernie assholes
> isn't what we get. . .

Not a chance, of course, now that Wikileaks (with the help
of Vladimir Putin, they say -- Trump likea him, he likea Trump)
has taken a leak on the DNC.

jimf said...

Duke of Norfolk: What kind of pressure do you think
you can bring to bear?

Thomas Cromwell: I have evidence that Sir Thomas,
while he was a judge, accepted bribes.

Norfolk: What? He was the only judge
since Cato who didn't accept bribes!
When was there a chancellor whose possessions,
after three years, totalled one hundred pounds
and a gold chain?

Cromwell: It is, as you imply, common practice.
But a practice may be common and remain an offence.
This offence could send a man to the Tower. . .

Except in the state of Virginia, it isn't even an
offence. For the governor, it's just Business As Usual.

Dale Carrico said...

WikiLeaks has degenerated into the Plumbers.

jimf said...

> WikiLeaks has degenerated into the Plumbers.
Assange, Avowed Foe of Clinton, Timed Email Release for Democratic Convention
JULY 26, 2016

Six weeks before the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks published
an archive of hacked Democratic National Committee emails ahead
of the Democratic convention, the organization’s founder, Julian Assange,
foreshadowed the release — and made it clear that he hoped to harm
Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency.

Mr. Assange’s remarks in a June 12 interview underscored that
for all the drama of the discord that the disclosures have sown
among supporters of Bernie Sanders — and of the unproven speculation
that the Russian government provided the hacked data to WikiLeaks
in order to help Donald J. Trump — the disclosures are also the
latest chapter in the long-running tale of Mr. Assange’s battles
with the Obama administration.

In the interview, Mr. Assange. . . suggested that he not only
opposed her candidacy on policy grounds, but also saw her as
a personal foe.

At one pointer [the interviewer asked] "Would you prefer Trump
to be president?”

Mr. Assange replied that what Mr. Trump would do as president was
“completely unpredictable.” By contrast, he thought it was
predictable that Mrs. Clinton would wield power in two ways
he found problematic. . .

“We do see her as a bit of a problem for freedom of the press
more generally,” Mr. Assange said. . .

“She has a long history of being a liberal war hawk, and we presume
she is going to proceed” with that approach if elected president,
he said. . .