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Friday, July 29, 2016

Patriarchal White Supremacy Is A Bubble That Fancies Itself A Citadel

Sustained by wealth and privilege and violence the mirage of the citadel desperately lingers, but every four years since 2008 the bubble pops.


jimf said...

> . . .A Bubble That Fancies Itself. . .

Jordan Catalano reads books!

Who'd a thunk it?
Jared Leto Loves Atlas Shrugged, Because Of Course He Does
Beth Elderkin
July 30 2016

. . .

In an interview with Scribd, actor Jared Leto shared some of his
favorite books of the moment. Titles included Siddhartha, a book
by Herman Hesse about some dude trying to find enlightenment,
Finn, about the dude dad of Huckleberry Finn, and a biography
about tech dude Steve Jobs. And of course, Ayn Rand’s
not-technically-libertarian classic about the ultimate dude
on a mission, Atlas Shrugged.

What is it with guys and Atlas Shrugged? I’ve dated at least
two who’ve snuck copies into my bookshelf swearing “it will
change your life.” It’s become such a trope that The Atlantic
has a recurring column about the “Ayn Rand Guy,” who’s sent
dozens of emails over the years about the sad state of the world. . .

Dude! I can see your politics!

jimf said...

Oh, those libertarians.

2014 Hans Jenny Memorial Lecture: Chris Mooney, "The Science of Why We Don't Believe in Science"
UC Berkeley Events
Apr 10, 2014 )


what holds [libertarians and conservatives]. . .
together. . . is that they believe in economic liberty --
not "stay out of my bedroom" but "stay out of my economy,
stay out of my marketplace Stop tilting the scales so that
there's winners and losers." And they're closely allied on that.
And that is the moral foundation that drives all the denial
of environmental science. Because all the denial of environmental
science is tagged with this idea that they want to regulate.
They want to change the way the economy would work if you didn't
mess with it, and that's not fair. Not only is it not fair,
it's actually morally wrong. OK? And so their responses to
environmental science, especially climate science, are deeply
emotional and automatic, and are emerging from this moral foundation.
And the moral foundation drives the motivated reasoning, and
one thing I didn't say about libertarians, but you already know,
is that they're often **extremely** smart. OK? So, they've got
this moral foundation, they have a lot of knowledge, and they can
argue **endlessly** with you about how climate science is wrong.
OK? So, you know, do a radio show. Go on the radio, talk about
global warming. Wait for the callers, OK? Male libertarians
will tell you why you're wrong. OK? I've done it so many times.
So sure enough, when it comes to these issues you actually have
a classic case of the smart idiot effect. . .

[T]he last thing you should do, if you want to persuade someone, is
to run out and try to explain environment science to a libertarian. . .
-- especially one that's good at science and math.
OK? Like, there's so many other people you could be trying to persuade.
From a communications standpoint, the most important upshot
of the research is that resistance is coming from a particular set of people
with a particular set of emotions and motivations that are extremely
important to them and who they are. But, by definition, there's a vast
middle, always, of people that are not those people. . .

And so the folks at Yale do the "six Americas of global warming".
The "doubtful" and the "dismissive" -- they're the hard-core deniers -- they're
a small percentage overall. . . The "dismissive" think they know
everything. They think they have every reason why it's a hoax. It's not
a good place to start your communications. . .

So, some people when they first learn about all of this psychology research,
the first reaction is to get really cynical and to think "it's hopeless.
We'll never convince anybody. . . I throw in the towel."
My view is this -- we have had wildly unrealistic expectations about
how persuasion works for a long time. Blame the Enlightenment. Blame something,
OK?. . .

I blame it on the Bossa Nova.

Dale Carrico said...

Are you a West Wing fan? It veers into patriarchal prick territory so often I have consigned it to the guilty pleasure column, but your final comment immediately conjured for me this:

Dale Carrico said...

Jared Leto hasn't really managed to blip my radar since My So Called Life, well, he gets a minor blip for Requiem for a Dream, too, but performing the lame love object in an ensemble of more blinding lights -- hell, even Daria's Trent was the more, er, three-dimensional performance of the lame love object role for the genre and the period, you ask me.

jimf said...

> your final comment immediately conjured for me this:

That's cute, but "Blame it on the Bossa Nova" always (or at least
for the past couple of decades) makes me think of Max von Sydow
(as "Leland Gaunt", aka The Devil) in the 1993 Stephen King movie
_Needful Things_. (Unfortunately, I can't find a clip of his
final speech about personal responsibililty to the townspeople
on YouTube ;-> ).

Needful Things Official Trailer #1 - Max von Sydow Movie (1993) HD
Movieclips Trailer Vault

jimf said...

> . . .Patriarchal. . .

Coloring outside the lines in the ideological
coloring book:

Erin Pizzey Speaks at the Domestic Violence 2014 Symposium in Toronto
Jun 12, 2014

jimf said...

> . . .A Bubble. . .
What’s Next at Fox News, With Ailes Out and Murdoch In?
Jim Rutenberg
JULY 31, 2016

. . .

James Murdoch['s]. . . leanings. . . are decidedly different
from his father’s (with an important exception, friends say:
free-market fiscal policy).

James Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, is a trustee of the Environmental
Defense Fund and a former director at the Clinton Climate Initiative.
The couple started Quadrivium, a foundation that focuses
on the “sustainable use of resources” and “scientific understanding.”
James has spearheaded initiatives to make the company “carbon neutral.”

In an essay in Time magazine in December, he wrote, “Entrenched
and compromised interests spin the fiction that science is more
divided than united, and they sow seeds of uncertainty on issues
of unquestionable priority: namely, the survival of our species
on this planet.”. . .

Fox News’s reporting often tells a much different story. Its
hosts don’t hesitate to report that “the science is still in
question,” as Heather Childers recently did, or that warnings
about climate change are emanating from “people aligned with
the political left in the scientific community,” as the host
Steve Doocy said in April while promoting a film purporting
to debunk climate change. . .

David Fenton, a longtime strategist for progressive causes. . .
said. . . [that t]he Murdoch outlets have been standing in the way. . .
by creating a “false reality bubble denying science” that
scares amenable Republican politicians away from the cause. . .

But it’s impossible to talk about the intersection of their
political and business interests without lingering for a moment
on the latter. Even if some of Fox News’s programming drives one
or both of the brothers bananas, it is still a major cash generator
for 21st Century Fox, with $1.6 billion in operating profit
in fiscal 2015. . .

jimf said...

> Donald Trump has been really, frankly, making history. . .
> I think there's a lot of relevant subject matter to a manosphere. . .
> I mean, you're seeing a **man**. And
> you're seeing a single person exert **balls**. Masculinity.

In my Ordensburgen a youth will grow up before which the
world will shrink back. A violently active, dominating, intrepid,
brutal youth - that is what I am after. Youth must be all those
things. It must be indifferent to pain. There must be no weakness
or tenderness in it. I want to see once more in its eyes the gleam
of pride and independence of the beast of prey. Strong and handsome
must my young men be. I will have them fully trained in all
physical exercises. I intend to have an athletic youth - that is
the first and chief thing. In this way I shall eradicate the
thousands of years of human domestication. Then I shall have in
front of me the pure and noble natural material. With that I can
create the new order. I will have no intellectual training.
Knowledge is ruin to my young men... "

-- Herman Rauschning, _Hitler Speaks_ (1939)

Balls! I wanna see some balls!