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Saturday, July 16, 2016

So Principled

Being too principled to compromise in the resistance and reform struggles to implement principles is just another way of being unprincipled.


jimf said...

> Being too principled to compromise. . .

This rainbow doesn't mean what you think it means.

Code Blue, meet Agent Orange. Vote Green.
What are you, Yellow?

(Reminds me of the SRA Reading Lab I had in 5th grade. )


Skip over Beige, Purple and Red. Just start at 31:10.

The Grand Model Of Psychological Evolution - Clare Graves & Spiral Dynamics
Aug 30, 2015

jimf said...

> Actualized. . .

So the Baton Rouge police shooter was also a self-styled
"life coach".
Online Trail Illuminates Baton Rouge Gunman’s Path to Violence
JULY 18, 2016

He joined the Marines, served in Iraq and earned a
Good Conduct Medal. He was an entrepreneur, a self-published
author, a nutrition and fitness counselor, a proponent of
the American gospel of self-improvement. He considered himself
a lifestyle coach, even though he had failed in marriage,
neglected to pay his taxes and was, at one point, living on
$500 per month. . .

Mr. Long appeared to be obsessed with the idea of self-improvement,
for himself and for others, and he embraced more esoteric means
of achieving those goals.

While traveling to Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya,
Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, he said, he wrote three books,
covering topics like “holistic detoxification for health,
well-being and success”; the “ancient esoteric secrets of
the Pineal Gland”; and the “124 Universal Laws and their
use in the Laws of the Cosmos.” . . .

In many of his podcasts, Mr. Long expounds at length on dating
and self-improvement tips for men, arguing that they must
display the characteristics of an “alpha” male. . .

One of Mr. Long’s last videos, posted to YouTube but taken
down as of Monday, shows him driving around Baton Rouge.
He approaches a number of African-Americans, strangers apparently,
and doles out stray nuggets of advice and wisdom, deploying
the salty language of the street. He refers to himself as
a life coach, a freedom strategist, a real estate entrepreneur,
an author, a teacher and a motivational speaker. And he tells
them about his book. . .

There are so many of these channels on YouTube nowadays. Some
of them interesting, some less so.

Many of them aiming for the Tony Robbins jackpot, presumably.

Caveat emptor!