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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sums It Up, The Sequel

Leni did it better.


jimf said...
Michael Anissimov
17 May 2016

If Trump is Hitler, why is that bad?

I dunno. Let's ask Peter Thiel.

jimf said...

Hey man, I can see your boner.
Michael Anissimov
18 May 2016

Trump’s Terrifying Online Brigades

(Trump’s Terrifying Online Brigades
The “alt-Right,” the “neo-reactionaries,” and the politics of grievance
James Kirchick
May 16, 2016 )

jimf said...
What Republicans Really Think About Trump
Nicholas Kristof
JULY 21, 2016

. . .

“Hillary is preferable to Trump, just like malaria is
preferable to Ebola. … If it’s Trump-Hillary with no serious
third-party option in the fall, as hard as it is for me
to believe I am actually writing these words, there
is just no question: I’d take a Tums and cast my ballot
for Hillary.” — Jamie Weinstein, senior writer,
the Daily Caller, a conservative website. . .

“When you’ve got a guy favorably quoting Mussolini, I don’t
care what party you’re in, I’m not voting for that guy.” —
Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund. . .

“God bless this man” — Daily Stormer, white supremacist website.

In praise of Il Duce:

Miss Brodie: Oh. Observe the litter. In Italy, Mussolini has put an end
to litter in the streets. Do any of you little girls remember what
the followers of Mussolini are called?

Jenny: Fascisti.

Miss Brodie: That is correct. F-A-S-C-I-S-T-I. And Mussolini is called?

Sandy: Il "Dukee".

Miss Brodie: Il "Duchee". That is to say, 'The Leader'. Il Duce.
We move on. . .


Miss Brodie: Benito Mussolini is a great man.
He began life as a journalist, a man of learning,
an intellectual. But he is also a man of action.
He has made Capri into a sanctuary for birds.
A simple act of goodness...

If you all turn to page twenty-five of your geography books,
you'll find a map of Capri. It's off the coast of Naples.

It is because of II Duce that thousands of birds live and sing
there today that might well have ended their careers on a
piece of toast!
Donald Trump May Break the Mold, but He Fits a Pattern, Too
JULY 21, 2016

. . .

In a little-noticed May speech in Amsterdam, Jeb Bush said that
he considered Mr. Trump a reflection of deeper trends. He
described American democracy as gravely imperiled by corrosive
forces: economic inequality and partisan polarization, the
unsettling experience of globalization and a crippling lack
of empathy.

Those forces, he said, had taken root “in increments not
discernible to the naked eye,” leaving the country more vulnerable
than ever to a political eruption.

A traumatic recession, Mr. Bush said, set it off.

“The inability to deal with these great challenges, I think, makes
it easier in retrospect to see, on the left, a candidate like
Bernie Sanders,” Mr. Bush said, “and certainly in my party, the
emergence of Donald Trump.”

"Economic inequality"? "Crippling lack of empathy?" A **Bush**
said those thing? What is this world coming to?