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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Cat Is Apparently Pining for Vilsack As HRC's Veep Pick

Oh, wait, that was just a hairball she was coughing up. I'm still hoping Hoping HOPING that Clinton will pick Warren, Castro, Perez, Booker... but I'm grimly steeling myself for Kaine or Vilsack. I would so prefer a vice-presidential choice that gives us a ticket that looks more like the future of American politics rather than the past (and, yes, grandmothers in charge is part of what a good future looks like if you ask me), but dreary dull old straight white guys are presumably regarded as the "safe picks" even when dreary dull old straight white guys are where all the Republicans are. Hope I live to see Kamala Harris/Julian Castro (or their like) in 2024 after eight years of HRC.

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