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Monday, July 11, 2016


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Dale Carrico said...

I thought -- and definitely hoped -- Bernie would endorse HRC and it looks like he is doing so, and before the Convention, and this is a good thing. I thought that the overwhelming majority of Sanders supporters would switch their support to HRC after she won -- I thought this, by the way, because polls kept showing most Democrats were satisfied with HRC as a candidate throughout the campaign even if they were not supporting her as their first choice -- and they have done so even more quickly and more decisively than I expected, and this is also a good thing. An incredibly noisy minority of Sanders supporters in social media and in front of cameras managed to convey a different image of what was happening in the Sanders campaign. Since so many of them behaved so badly and so many of them celebrated a profoundly counter-productive anti-pragmatism given the ideal outcomes they presumably hoped for I think this skewed impression made me worry more than I needed to do and made me more frustrated than was good for me. Now I find their quite marginal and ridiculous efforts as an occasion for mirth (hence the title of this post). I am glad things are turning out as they seem to be.