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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Kinsey Sicks Appreciation Week Ends: "Things You Shouldn't Say"

But the appreciation goes on... Thanks to Jim for shining the spotlight!


jimf said...

> "Things You Shouldn't Say"

So I had a chance to watch the first few episodes of _Veep_
last night.

In the first episode, "Fundraiser", a behind-the-scenes conversation
between Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and
frenemy Senator Barbara Hallowes goes like:

Hallowes: Hey, did you fire your tweet monkey yet? Because that guy
is a weapons-grade retard.

Selina: I know.

Hallowes: I think you might have been hoist by your own retard there.

Dan: [laughs] That's a good one.

Then a bit later, at a fundraiser, Meyer's prepared speech is last-minute
redacted to bits by the President's liaison to the VP's office (the hated
Jonah Ryan), leaving her twisting in the wind for something to say.

In impromptu desperation, she recycles Hallowes' joke about the
ill-advised tweet ("hoist by our own retard") for the benefit
of the gathered press, immediately creating a brand-new PR nightmare
for herself.

Dale Carrico said...

The ongoing accumulation of fucked up beyond wrong things Selina Meyer says over the run of Veep is matched only by its English predecessor In The Thick of It... tho I must say that Jonah's epic aria of insults to a bedridden post-cardiac arrested and also fired Dan gives Iannucci's earlier satire a run for it's money -- and if you disagree, well, fuckety-bye: