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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Enough With the Magical 3D Printers Already!

The only reason futurologists and pop-tech handwavers will not be embarrassed to death six years from now by all the transparently magical thinking they are indulging in now in reference to 3-D printing is because they will all be too busy indulging in exactly equally transparently magical thinking about some other goddamn gizmo in six years.


jollyspaniard said...

They are indeed a cool niche technology but they're not new and progressing very slowly. People who are involved in working with the technology would be the first people to say that. The hyperventilating is coming people who don't seem to understand the technology very well.

It'd be cool if you could go to a service bureau to pick up spare parts for devices that have broken down. One of my pet hopes/expectations is that we start repairing things again.

jimf said...

> . . .magical thinking. . .

Do you mean to tell me that 3D printers **aren't** the same as ?

Chad Lott said...

Dale, are you still looking for a vegan fair trade shoe?

I ran across this company the other day and they seem to be pretty legit:

Pretty amazing they were able to accomplish this without nano-technology.

(I'm not affiliated with this company in anyway)

Dale Carrico said...

I'm FOREVER looking for better vegan fair trade shoes. That site has some good stuff -- also looking at the palette and fonts I couldn't help but think about our course on green discourse, and the hilarious discussion of subcultural signalling on eco-websites we had one fine day. Anyway, for me the Grail is a truly indestructable actually-supportive vegan fair-trade walking/hiking shoe. The Chuck Taylor knock offs might as well be made aluminum foil when forced to cope with my atomic stomp.

Chad Lott said...

That class is pretty much the basis of my career. I often think of it when I'm writing social media copy.

I should send you some of the marketing research I look at sometimes.

Though not fair trade, I recommend vegan Doc Martens.

Vegan fashionista Joshua Katcher (of has a web store with some pretty nice, but expensive options: