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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Whiny Rich White Guys in Congress Threatening To Take Their Balls And Go Home

Politico commiserates:
The public hates them. And perks little and big, from private jet travel to a little free nosh now and then, have been locked down by ethics rules. As they head for the exits this year, many leaving Congress say the prestigious job of being a congressman sucks now, and that's why lawmakers young and old are trading in their member pins for a new life in the private sector.
A Congress full of millionaires will never represent well a nation of non-millionaires. And perhaps enough of these plump pale pruney princely pricks will make way for folks more connected to the realities of people who work for a living once the junkets and the jets and the genuflections are gone. Of course, given the realities of Citizens United, this probably just means unapologetic hirelings with absolutely nowhere else to go, company-man dummies vetriloquized by corporations even more robotically than our current congressional crop will throng the place.

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