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Friday, March 16, 2012

GOP Loses Majority in Wisconsin

Pam Galloway is resigning from the Wisconsin State Senate as of midnight, citing a family health situation discovered almost immediately after it became clear that she would indeed be one of the incumbent Republican State Senators challenged in an upcoming recall election along with Governor Scott Walker and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and other Republicans whose austerity budgets, tax cuts for the rich, and egregious union busting prompted a populist uprising last winter that set the scene for Occupy protests across the country. With this resignation the GOP loses its one seat edge in the Senate, and since in Wisconsin the lieutenant governor does not have a tie-breaking vote, the GOP has indeed lost its control over the Senate and so lost an enormous amount of mischief-making power in the run-up to the recall elections and Presidential election. GOP overreach has been restrained by the people of Wisconsin, who now will seek to wrest control from the Republicans thoroughly this summer. Movement Republicanism is dying before our eyes in the crazytown Presidential primary and in the populist uprisings against GOP overreach in the States. It remains to be seen just how progressive the diversifying, secularizing, planetizing epoch now emerging will become.

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