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Thursday, March 15, 2012

More, And Better, Democrats! -- My Periodic Reminder, and Tribute to Michael Harrington

From now on, through the struggle month to month toward what I fervently hope will be a second Obama term, through to a retaking and keeping of the House of Representatives by Democrats, through to a Democratic Senate majority without a filibuster and other rules effectively demanding a supermajority to govern at all, I will continue to re-post this quote by American democratic socialist hero Michael Harrington:
The best liberalism leads toward socialism. I’m a radical, but I want to be on the left wing of the possible.
I may be to the left even of many of the best Democrats in office, but they are the best available allies in office with whom we must struggle if we would push the United States in the direction of sustainable consensual equity-in-diversity, peer to peer. I never forget this, and I don't want my readers to forget it or deceive themselves or others about it either.

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