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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Voting Is A Right

New Voter ID requirements must be free and must be provided automatically by the states introducing them, otherwise they constitute illegal poll taxes. This is very straightforward. I personally think the Democrats should push for the provision of a free and universal federal voter ID card that the states must recognize, or otherwise should create an unfunded mandate for states that insist on this nonsense to provide one freely and automatically. The federal or state ID could easily be generated via voter/SS/IRS/DMV records, say, and confirmed by universal mailings supplemented by widely available public forms in post offices, DMVs, clinics, libraries, polling places, and so on. There should be a presumption of error on the part of states rather than voter wrongdoing in cases of confusion justifying automatic provisional ballot until fraud or other voter misconduct is proven. Sure, all this would constitute universal free automatic registration of the whole eligible voting population, sure, when more people are registered more people vote, sure when more people vote Democrats are more likely to benefit. But if Republicans start their inevitable whining about Big Brother or the Antichrist Database or whatever, Democrats can say, with absolute righteousness, you racist fascist motherfuckers are the ones who keep throwing fits over voter ID. You either want it or you don't, so shut the fuck up, assholes. Democrats can take this issue away from Republicans.

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