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Friday, December 06, 2013

Chris Hayes On the Bizarro Congress In the Mirror Universe

Chris Hayes has been doing a recurring bit in which he reports from an alternative universe in which Republicans in a "Bizzaro Congress" support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship and raising the minimum wage to stimulate the economy and bring a measure of equity to the majority of people who work for a living in the face of the most dangerous concentration of wealth and worker immobility in our nation's history. No doubt, Hayes will report in the future on Bizarro Congressional Republican support of wildly popular obviously useful common sense gun safety measures and a jobs bill investing in public teachers and food and workplace safety inspectors and construction jobs building renewable energy infrastructure and continental high speed rail and community centers and farmer's markets in urban food deserts. To avoid any Orson Welles War of the Worlds confusions for people tuning mid-show, Hayes dons a mustache when he is playing his Bizarro counterpart. That mustache from an alternate universe couldn't help but evoke the goatee that sooper-hot Spock has in Trek's evil Mirror Universe. But then it occurred to me... not everybody in the Mirror Universe sports a mustache after all. Could it be that the cleanshaven Chris Hayes of our universe reveals that we're the ones in the Mirror Universe? It explains so much.

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