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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Selective Sensitivity

Note well how few who rationalize their forced pregnancy zealotry by a tenuous suggestion of fetal pain are likewise made vegetarian by the conspicuous suffering of the slaughterhouse.

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Dale Carrico said...

Of course, most studies continue to suggest that the fetus is incapable of feeling pain until well into the third trimester, as I have regularly pointed out on this blog, most recently here. My point here is simply to notice that forced abortion zealots claim to believe otherwise, whatever the evidence, and yet this putative basis for their advocacy vanishingly rarely impels them to care about pain they unnecessarily inflict otherwise to satisfy their food-corpse habit, as consistency would seem to demand were they truly in earnest about their justifications. For anyone who, on limited acquaintance with me, stumbles onto this blog and mistakenly forms the impression that this aphorism endorses forced pregnancy zealots in any way, let me say again, as I often do here, that I am a champion of legal, safe, free, universal access to wanted abortion services as well as to wanted assistive reproductive techniques as part of an absolute pro-choice commitment. I have no more qualms about the defense of a woman seeking even a very late-term abortion, knowing well that such choices are invariably made in the context of fraught medical circumstances that involve enormous suffering already without lawmakers -- most of them men still these days -- getting in the way and imposing added hurdles, guilt, punishments. Note that in circumstances of triage it is often necessary and also morally acceptable to save a life at the expense of another one. In a free society, woman should always and unambiguously have the right to make healthcare choices, in consultation with their doctors and their loved ones as they see fit, about biological processes taking place in their own bodies.