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Monday, December 16, 2013

Get Ready for the Soopercrow Singularity

Corvids sporting eletrodes, we all know were that leads.

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jimf said...

You know, I just read a "techo-thriller" a few weeks ago
with a couple of smart crows in it (employed by government
agents) -- Daniel Suarez' _Kill Decision_.

But in that book, the Singularity maguffin isn't the crows --
it's a swarm of killer drones (like the ones Amazon is planning
to use to deliver packages ;-> ) programmed to behave like
a colony of particularly aggressive ants.

I suppose Ray Kurzweil owns the Singularity(R) brand these days,
but those **other** people -- you know, the ones we used to
call "The Singularitarians" proper? -- don't use that word any
more. In fact, you're not supposed to mention it around
them, or you get -- I don't know what.

Donny my analyst always tells me...

You call your analyst Donny?

Yeah. I call him Donny!

I call mine "Dr. Chomsky" or, you know,
he hits me with a ruler.