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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Get A Brain Anti-Gay Morans

The right wing anti-gay NOM (National Organization for Marriage [Except Yours If We Think You're Weird]) brain trust has come up with this powerful piece of anti marriage equality agitprop. Five simple words, only two of which are not misspelled, a pretty good showing for the kinds of soopergeniuses who find evodevo douchebaggery compelling, I must say. Note, by the way, that the only way to ensure they made their "biological" point was to include cultural signifiers, skirt versus slacks, long versus short hair. Precisely contrary to their intention (quite apart from the idiocy of their intention), in fuzzy silhouette, the actual biological pairing would have signified same sex couples as much as heterosexually reprosexual ones.


John Howard said...

The should have illustrated it with an egg and a sperm, which are imprinted differently. It's not bigotry that men can only ethically reproduce with women, it is biology. Transhumanists say people will be sooper fertile and overcome the limitation of needing to reproduce with someone of the other sex, but doing so would be unethical and expensive and is not a right and it should not be allowed, whether it might be possible or not.

Dale Carrico said...

Still around I see, Spawn-John, are we, well that's a comfort. I'm letting you post that comment in my Moot as my special holiday gift to you. Everything else for the rest of the year gets deleted unread. For readers who wonder why, the archives will tell you a richly rewarding story many years long of the crazytown anti-gay freakshow stylings of John Howard, last best hope in the world for menaced egg and sperm.