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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Planetary Science Deserves Funding: Bill Nye's Open Letter to the President

Endorse! I must say I am very pleased Nye's argument is about how NASA inspires the whole world with hope and pride, and about how planetary exploration incubates unforseeable useful techniques and enterprises. He did not waste a single moment with the awful nonsense idea of so many futurological false-friends of planetary science for whom space exploration is sold as the chance of an escape hatch from our political or ecological problems. Just as the futurological championing of enhanced posthumans is an expression of disdain for the living diversity of humans with which we share the world peddled as healthcare, futurological space enthusiasm is an expression of disdain for the living earth on which we have evolved to flourish peddled as exploration. That's one more of so many ways the futurological imaginary has spoiled what might otherwise be genuinely progressive championing of science and discovery and research.

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