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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can Somebody Please Explain Gay Republicans to Me?

[via NYSun]
Gay Republicans are in a state of mourning over Mayor Giuliani's exit from the presidential race, but they are moving swiftly into Senator McCain's fold despite concerns that he has not always been faithful to their agenda.

Ew. Just, ew ew!


FullMentalJackpot said...

Perhaps they want less government.

Dale Carrico said...

Nobody who believes in "less government" would support Republicans of all people after thirty years of Big Gun Big Oil Big Lie Gangsterism from bloodsucking Saint Reagan to Killer Clown Bush, the Boy King.

More likely they're just assholes who think they'll personally benefit from more corporate-militarism because they are too stupid to have learned anything from the last thirty years or too evil to give a shit how many people suffer and die for a chance to make their unearned gold-plated poop pile one inch higher.

Ah, the poor dumb greedy gay Republicans! Who cares if the Christian fundamentalist armies of darkness the Republicans need to dupe into swallowing their true market fundamentalist faith all hate their guts because they think Jeebus told them liking cock makes you Satan's best friend, who cares if they'd put you in a concentration camp in a flash if they could because you want to suck dick in your Log Cabin Retreat?

Who cares, what's it matter -- when there's money out there to be hussled, eh?

My question was obviously rhetorical... I don't need anybody to explain Gay Republicans to me. I've been observing their sad sociopathic moves for decades.

Self loathing know-nothing assholes who'll do anything for a buck aren't really that hard to explain at all.

AnneC said...

Self loathing know-nothing assholes who'll do anything for a buck aren't really that hard to explain at all.

Yeah...when I read your post title the first thing that came to mind was, "Some people are just more obsessed with money than anything else".

Eric said...

FullyMentalJackass cracks me up. I guess I gotta give him/her/it credit for some balls to still try to claim GOP = smaller government after all these years of GOP rule proving otherwise. Balls ro some kind of mental illness.

Oh wait, let me guess, they weren't REAL conservative/Republicans/etc. right? They never are when the chips are down are they?

Anyway, the story of gay Republicans is simple...they are well-off white men or those who think that if they lick the boots of well-off white men long and lovingly enough, they'll get accepted into that club.