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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

But Who Will Think of the Yacht Owners? Won't Somebody Think of the Yacht Owners?

Last Friday, California State Programs lost two billions dollars. School programs, social services, and healthcare services for the poor were the hardest hit.

And yet, in this time of devastating nonselective across the board funding cuts indifferent to the actual pressing needs of citizens of this State, Republicans managed to protect, once again, a tax loophole that insulates rich people from having to pay sales tax on certain conspicuously lavish luxury items, like yachts and private planes.

For more, see Calitics.

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Greg in Portland said...

I remember hearing a certain corpulent conservative cretin on AM radio (basically every station all the time) back in the early 90s. He was always yammering about how many jobs yachts created. It was like the only thing he would use to back up his supply side faith. He could have picked other things, I mean what about the mansion industry or the absurdly large gemstone business but no it was always the fucking boats. There had to be somebody to clean the barnacles off, somebody to maintain the engines and electrical systems, somebody to deliver the blow and hookers... All this proved that we peons needed to thank the rich for our own yacht-derived wealth. I guess somebody in the Cali GOP was listening too. Kinda makes you hope that Apophis does manage to make the big splash in 2036.