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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Robin tags me with a bug, philosophizing ensues.


Jackie said...

I don't understand! Why didn't you do it?

I'll do it, then!:

"But although desire and work were unable to effect the negation for self-consciousness, this polemical bearing towards the manifold independence of things will, on the other hand, be successful, because it turns against them as free self-consciousness that is already complete in its own self; more specifically, because it is thinking, or is in its own self infinite, and in this infinitude the independent things in their differences from one another are for it only vanishing magnitudes. The differences, which in the pure thinking of self-consciousness are only the abstraction of differences, here become the entirety of the differences, and the whole of differentiated being becomes a difference of self-consciousness.

Thus the foregoing has defined the nature of the activity of scepticism as such, and the way in which it operates."

It should be only too obvious what book that is from. I bought it for a class that had ordered the wrong books (Horstmann, visiting Berkeley from Berlin, was doing a graduate class on Hegel and the undergraduate class on German Idealism got those books instead). I was looking at it last night before I went to sleep, being curious as to what sorts of riches I could find, and as amor mundi is one of the blogs I check when I first wake up in the morning (at 10:45am!), it happened to be the closest one to me.

Dale Carrico said...

I posted mine over on Robin's Comments -- it was from Debord (which I'm re-reading to prep for a lecture in my Aesthetics and Politics course this Thurs).

Amorous Mundyites are all encouraged to play -- the rules are available at the end of the link over at Robin's place -- and post their serendipitous excerpts here in the Moot as Jackie has done.