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Monday, February 18, 2008

And Now It's Time for Another Episode of Rhetorical Questions Treated As Real Questions

Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny asks:
Why Do Republicans Always Steal Music to Push Their Hateful Ideology?


Because if they actually had to draw on the music of the culture of their hateful ideology they'd be forced to confine themselves to this:

Just in case you are unaware of the context of this, Mike Huckabee has recently been asked by Tom Scholz of the band "Boston" not to use his song "More Than A Feeling" in his campaign since Scholz disapproves of Huckabee's reactionary agenda (he supports Obama), just as John McCain was asked by John Mellencamp not to use his song "Our Country" in his campaign since Mellencamp disapproves of McCain's reactionary agenda (he supported Edwards), just as de facto Republican Joe Lieberman used Ned Lamont supporter John Hall's song "Still the One" (I don't know whether or not Hall complained about this, though), just as, back when I was practically a kid myself I remember Ronald Reagan was asked by Bruce Springstein not to use his song "Born in the U.S.A." since Springstein disapproved of Reagan's reactionary agenda.

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Greg in Portland said...

The amusing thing is that most of these songs have a critical message. Born in the USA takes quite a cynical view of the Good 'ol USA. This reminds me of my very unhappy time as a cube monkey at a large defense contractor. One time there was a need to more properly brainwash us so we would accept the shitty new health plan the corporate gods had created for us. They put together a sort of music video/pseudo-documentary to facilitate this. The music they had picked was a sort of sad but very pretty folk-rock type tune. Since I knew the words falling out of the spokesdroid's word-hole were bullshit I just kicked back and listened to the tune. Turned out, like all folk-rock it was a sort of sardonic commentary on modern life with themes of failure and despair. After the whistle blew and the hounds had chased us all back to our cell block I commented on this to my cellmate who was the other token atheist and liberal in the place (I believe they put us together to keep the contamination from spreading). He had noticed it too. No one else did. That's the problem, the people trying to put us all to sleep are already sleepwalking themselves. It's a big stupid zombie movie of a society we live in.