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Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Gay Albus Helps Make Amor Mundi More Positive

The readers have spoken, who am I to deny y'all anything?


De Thezier said...
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De Thezier said...


This is the perfect audio-visual repartee to the charge that one is a "bleeding-heart liberal".

Eric said...

I love the giant rainbow explosion whenever he says "super".

Anyway, attempting to recognize, define, understand and work out solutions to problems posed by this or that is not negativity, it is pragmatic, rational, reasonable, necessary and wise.

People who try to blow sunshine up everyone's ass aren't positive, they are in fact the negative ones, desperatly trying to pretend everyhting will be all right if they just don't look at the 800 pound gorilla right behind them.

Their phony pollyanna act masking their fears and ignorance actually is the cause or at least eneabler of many problems we are facing right now.

Climate Change? Don't be such a negative Nancy!

Speculative economic bubbles? You just don't understand economics...everything is sunshine and lollipops!

Invade Iraq? What could possibly go wrong?

Chuck away democracy on the hope that carbon nanotubes will miraculously turn into immortality machines ANY MINUTE NOW!

Thanks a lot assholes. You 'positive thinking' really did the trick. Sheesh.