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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Gayest Network on Television Isn't LOGO

It's HGTV. That's the conclusion Eric and I came to after watching an episode and a half of "Designed on a Dime," including the ads for the other shows on the network, while we were eating lunch this afternoon and flicking through channels for light diversion. It's like hours and hours of the gayest gays who ever gayed gay-brunching the afternoon away and piped directly into middle America. Truly amazing when you think back as little as a decade ago and contemplate how different things were then. Or so it seems to me at least.


Nato Welch said...

My Protestant Fundie Mom LOVES HGTV.

Robin said...

Joshua had HGTV on this evening for the first time in many months, and I actually commented on how impressive it was that they had almost exclusively young, rich, beautiful gay male couples on lately.

I guess I'm no longer the target demographic for home ownership!!

smartypants said...

The unfortunate side effect, of course, is that the sum of what middle America sees of gay America is a gallery of immaculately-preened, trend-mongering design gurus with an eye for fashion, and FAB-ulous skin.

Frankly, I'm surprised you're not more critical of HGTV and its ilk, Dale. Calling-out the stealthy stereotyping of gay America by corporatist broadcasting interests would seem to be just your kind of criticism.

Dale Carrico said...

I'm enormously critical of HGTV. I know many people in working class neighborhoods who contemplate the appearance of rainbow flags the next block over with worry, not because they are homophobic but because they fear the impact of bland gentrification on their way of life. Also, I think my own vision of what should be celebrated under the banner of queerness would scare the bald baby bejeesus out of half the gays on HGTV shows, who, after all, spend most of their time turning discarded croquet sets into magazine racks and declaring the results, "fun." Not that I wouldn't sleep with some of them, tho.