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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Teaching Today

Staving off a summer cold that wants to confine me to bed with two more days of lecture to perform and a pile of finals to get through first. My body is protesting twelve weeks cramming three weeks of intensive instruction into each one all this season long, I suspect. It's been a pretty good summer, but relentless. Yesterday my energy was seriously ebbing throughout lecture and I fear today is going to be like pushing through a concrete wall. On the final day we're screening and discussing a film, which takes a little pressure off, so it's a matter of slogging through the swamp today, making sure I cover the syllabus material and attend to their final worries and just get to a couch and under a cover with something hot and wholesome in my stomach as soon as may be. The subject is technofixes and smart cities and geo-engineering and futurological nonsense, which disgusts me without enthusing me these days (as witness my lack of writing about it here in the shit stoopid epoch of Trumpublicanism).

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