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Friday, August 03, 2018

Not A Thing

For the first time in weeks I have spent a day doing pretty much nothing. Skipped exercise (back ache), skipped working on next week's lectures, just nuzzled a purring Penny next to her shifting pool of sunlight on the bed, listening to music and catching up on a couple episodes of my favorite podcast, The Read, reading some more from Becky Chambers' rollicking new novel Record of A Spaceborn Few, taking it easy, looking forward to watching Dr Who and then possibly Barbarella high with Eric tonight over pesto tortellini and peanut M&Ms. Next week I'll be grading final projects and starting to panic about syllabi and upcoming Fall courses, but for today I am refusing to look at garbage cruel racist sexist homophobic ignorant death-dealing greedhead Trumpublican news of the day and just living life like it's summer break under a shining sun for just a little bit...

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