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Sunday, November 15, 2015



Lorraine said...

What's your gripe with the P2P movement? They seem to me to be the good guys. Am I missing something?

Dale Carrico said...

p2p advocates can be the good guys -- BUT they seem to me too prone to celebrations of shar(cropp)ing economy, unless there is an explicit and repeated advocacy for social support of content provision -- public/basic income, healthcare, education, accountable collective administration of public goods, equal recourse to accountable law/rights -- the discourse too readily facilitates reactionary digi-utopian politics... All this not least because of under-interrogated connections between p2p conjoined with e2e principle buttressing negative liberty as a widely disseminated/hegemonic right-wing figure underwriting naturalization of elite-incumbent policies, arguments, intuitions. *However*, a fellow can hope -- like you p2p seems to me available for emancipatory politics. I just think vigilance is necessary and I think a whole hell of a lot of the p2p usual suspects aren't showing as much awareness of this as they should -- if any, frankly -- which makes me despair of the real potential of that more emancipatory p2p discourse as a matter of history rather than logical possibility. Long story short, I know, but that's some of it.

Dale Carrico said...

Also, I gripe a lot. On the internets, I'm grumpy.