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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not Holding My Breath for the Futurological Future

I'm not holding my breath waiting for futurological fancies to come true, whether post-parental sooper-intelligent Robot Gods, techno-immortal cyberangels in Holodeck Heaven, sexy sexy sexbots for sociopaths, digi-nano-3Dprinted-ubicomp treasure caves beyond the dreams of avarice, gengineered comic book eugenic hardbodies, boutique green consumers and profitable megascale corporate-military geoengineering wetdreams to heal a world devastated by wasteful, barren consumer society and profitable corporate-military extractive-industrialism, skim-and-scam artist celebrity venture-capitalist CEOs as Randroidal fountainheads: It's so hard to hold one's breath and laugh at the same time.

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