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Monday, November 09, 2015

The Profitable Vacuity of Futurological "Enhancement" and "Intelligence"

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Dale Carrico said...

In a fairly hilarious development a techbro -- not sure if he is outright robocultic or simply robocult-adjacent -- complained of this twitter sequence that it was "opaque" and, presumably, deliberately ironic and very possibly an elite effete aesthete's cry for help in the face of the can-do he-man sooper-science of the techno-immortalist sooperAI-coders of The Future. Of course, for years and years and years I have been amused to hear self-described revolutionary sooper-geniuses whine about my perverse incomprehensabilty -- what could be more obvious than that their inability to read my writing is incontrovertible evidence of their superior intellects, all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. I must say I never expected to hear the same complaints about my terse li'l tweets. It takes a special obliviousness to declare unreadable a tweet that manages to be grammatical and use words according to their definitions and even to be re-tweeted and otherwise liked by other readers (who are apparently indulging in some mass fraud according to the righteous denunciator of its palpable illegibility) just because it isn't written in a style fit for People Magazine. Quite apart from the inept reductive disembodied sociopathic conceptions of enhancement and intelligence promulgated by our sad robocultic friends, can you imagine the derangement that would follow from their confontation with actually differently-capacitated or artificially intelligent beings given the way they freak out at minor differences in expression or concern by fellow humans of roughly their own time and place in the world? What perfectly ridiculous fellows these techno-transcendentalists continue to be! I never can get over it.