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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Long Teaching Day

Rain is pouring down and this promises to continue all the livelong day hideously enough. In that rain, I'll be splashing along to the BART, soaked to the knee no doubt. The stale steam pouring off the damp humanity corralled into the train cars is sure to be a treat. A faculty meeting and then I face my usual undergraduate lectures, but I am expecting the usual decimation this close to the Thanksgiving holiday. In my first course I'm lecturing on Joe Orton, in my second on William Burroughs and Valerie Solanas. Usually these texts are a pleasure to teach, but I am expecting a handful of students who haven't read the material, checking their plane reservations on their cellphone while rain pounds the window panes, inviting me to catch pneumonia as I stumble my way through the dark slick street to commute the long way home. Grumpy I am. Grumpy. Blogging, as usual, low to no.

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