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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Actually Not An Invitation

Uncritical tech-culture celebrants who declare me some kind of blanket "anti-tech" ideologue really should have a look in my dildo drawer.

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jimf said...

> have a look in my dildo drawer

You degenerate, you. What would Henrietta Darwin have said?
Sex, Death and Mushrooms
NOV. 6, 2015

. . .

We have been foraging and eating mushrooms for millenniums,
and they still have the power to disturb us, to conjure the
deepest human mysteries of sex and death. Nineteenth-century
sensibilities were horrified by the common stinkhorn, a fetid
fly-attracting species that bursts out of a membranous egg
into a shape perfectly described by its scientific name,
Phallus impudicus. In her later years, Charles Darwin’s daughter
Henrietta went into the woods to collect stinkhorns for the
express purpose of bringing them back to be ‘‘burned in the
deepest secrecy of the drawing-room fire, with the door locked;
because of the morals of the maids,’’ according to a memoir
by her niece. Our continuing pieties about sex are reflected
in the way some modern field guides describe the distinctive
odor of mushrooms like Inocybes as ‘‘unmentionable’’ or
‘‘disgusting’’ rather than the more accurate ‘‘spermatic.’’. . .

Making the woods morally safe -- sounds like a job
for the Mormon Boy Scouts.