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Friday, December 21, 2012

More Shorter NRA

Fight the imaginary Obama total police state by installing a real NRA total police state! Armed guards in every school, hospital, plane, train, theater, mall, restaurant, parking lot, lawn!


jimf said...

> Armed guards in every school. . .

Well, of course! Every right-thinking right-winger will seize
the opportunity to demand a widening of the "school-to-prison

Dale Carrico said...

I fear people have not been willing to follow the logic of our nihilist wingnuts back to its premises. Neoliberal/ Movement Conservative "smaller government fewer taxes" slogans that never specify what good government would actually consist of amount to stealth advocacy of the same batshit crazy anarcho-capitalist that the extreme right libertopians advocate openly -- gun-nuttery is the ruggedization of the hyper-individualized cyborg-subject protagonist in these Randroidal/ Friedmanian nightmare-fantasies.