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Monday, December 03, 2012

Daily Dumb Dvorsky: Butt Hurt Edition

I won't claim to be not at all interested in 3D printable sex toys (never once denied I was a perv), but I can't say that I understand why Dvorsky's not particularly imaginative io9 tour of a few of these properly counts as "futurism" exactly? Maybe it's because almost nobody can afford to buy a 3D-printer to make crappy sex toys with while almost everybody can afford to buy better sex toys that aren't made with 3D-printers already, but in The Future… maybe they will? Speaking of "crappy sex toys," Dvorsky points out that 3D-printed "sex toys are slightly textured and coarse, owing to print resolutions that aren't quite high enough" but adds -- possibly because this is his idea of what sexy futurism sounds like? -- "if you like it rough, however, then this might be right up your alley." Permit me to recommend that nobody put unsafe sex toys up your alleys at all, if I may. There are plenty of actually safe, reasonably priced, marvelously varied, aesthetically stunning, environmentally sustainable and nontoxic phthalate-free sex-toys available out there for the technoscientifically-literate sex-positive aesthete of today as well as tomorrow.

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Black guy from the future past said...

You may want to add on to another addition of dumb dvorsky.

even with the acknowledgment that most of the highest ideals of "transhumanism", the highest of which is probably "brain upload", (lets just forget that the brain is connected to a spine which is connected to many different parts and operates in an environment of stunning and irreducible complexity, LOL,) are pure crock, you can literally feel the resentment pulsating through the piece. Truly sad for a grown man to buy into such nonsense.