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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Politics

In the very top link on the sidebar, About Amor Mundi I talk about (among other things) my personal history of activism, my teaching of political and critical theory, and about various political affiliations I have and political outcomes I endorse. I try to be pretty scrupulously careful and concrete about all this, but I know that readers often have trouble reconciling my partisan politics with my radical opinions, or grasping not only the connections between Democratic and democratic commitments, but between my variously expressed democratic socialist, social democratic, radical democratic, green, feminist, queer, non-violent, anti-racist, anti-anarchist, and, of course, anti-futurological politics. I think the following ten posts elaborate my political perspective in a more general way that might provides a sense of more of that connective tissue. I readily admit that my politics are idiosyncratic, but they are my politics.

[1] Left and Right: Back to Basics
[2] Eight Propositions on Taxes
[3] Democracy, Consent, and Enterprise
[4] It Turns on Power
[5] Consensual Prosthetic Self-Determination and Progressive Democratization
[6] Arendt, Fanon, King on Violence
[7] Riot, Try It
[8] Happy Birthday, Occupy!
[9] Non-Violent Politics and the Democratization of the State
[10] Dispatches from Libertopia

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