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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vulcan Wannabe!

I have edited (a matter mostly of combining two thematically connected posts into one) and created a permanent link in the sidebar to one of my personal favorite posts, Raised Vulcan Eyebrows and Hopeless Human Hopes. Together with the Memorial to Sasha it is probably one of the most emotionally revealing pieces I've written here.

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Anonymous said...

re "Dune" : there are terms in the "Dune" glossary like "alam al mithal" that could only have come from the works of Henry Corbin, who was a personal student and early translator of Heidegger. Corbin had such a huge, throbbing brain that for fun he translated bits of H. into Arabic and Sanskrit! Many important phenomenological and theological ideas of Corbin are in the backbone of "Dune." This came about as F. Herbert and Alan Watts discussed Corbin while they were tripping on LSD (the "spice") together. So, the obscure philosopher of phenomenology and the Hermeneutics of batin Islam was no so obscure after all, he is the Hidden Imam of pop culture science fiction! He wormed his way unawares deeply into that culture through Herbert and his "Dune." My mother was a crazy hippy who used to dose her three toddlers on LSD and read from "Dune" like it was a Family Bible! Then decades later I became very appreciative of Heidegger, Corbin and eventually Arendt. Quite a shock it was to me to realize how much Corbin informs "Dune", indeed!