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Friday, December 14, 2012

io9 Has Truly Jumped the Shark

Upgraded from the Moot:
In their quest to attract an audience comparable to their sister sites io9 has apparently opted for eyeballs at any cost, a long-term loser strategy if I ever heard one, since nobody with any respect for consensus science practice or interest in imaginative science fiction will read for long a site become the geekdom equivalent of wingnut daily news. Spotlighting Robot Cultists as they are now -- and if you thought Dvorsky was jumping the shark, Prisco's New Age cyber-angels meets right wing talking points really is the worst of the worst -- one wonders if champions of homeopathy and defenders of Scientology are next on the menu. Annalee Newitz is a smart cookie with good politics, she knows better and that makes this all the worse -- she should hang her head in shame to be associated with these flagrant charlatans and ignoramuses.
Gawker and Jezebel are still occasional stops on my cyberspatial itinerary for shits and giggles, but there are other places where one can find smart congenially feminist polycultural queergeekery and sfnal fandom. But any tent big enough for Robot Cultists in it, tends soon enough to be a tent with nothing but Robot Cultists in it, usually a bunch of dumb white guys jerking off and waiting to be fed and calling it "The Future."


Dale Carrico said...

Obviously I'll continue making fun of Dumb Dvorsky posts however, wherever he posts them, even on io9, so long as that perverse fancy continues to hold my attention.

Barkeron said...

It got worse...

Won't anybody think of the sexbots?!?!