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Saturday, September 01, 2012

"Experts Say"

Titles of articles recently published by Very Serious Futurologist Dick Pelletier at the stealth Robot Cult "think-tank" IEET, the Institute for Ethics (where the ethics are rarely actually discussed) and Emerging Technologies (where the technologies are rarely actually emerging), include the following:
"Time Travel: ‘Back to the Future’ may one day be Possible, experts say"
"Human-like Robots in Homes by mid-2020s, experts say"
"Live 20 More Years and You May Never Die, expert claims"
"End of Human Aging Can Be Achieved in 20 years, experts say"
"Nanorobots: Radical Science in Clinical Trials by the 2020s; expert says"
"Automation will one day Replace Humans in Government, experts say"


Eudoxia said...

Well, at least only two titles have a single 'expert' to back up those claims.

Anonymous said...

Submitted without comment, since none is really necessary. Keep dreaming, Dick.

As a futurist science and technology columnist, I view life with much optimism. Born October 26, 1930, I feel confident that, barring a fatal accident, I will maintain good health and survive through this decade, 2010-2020.

During this decade, I will live through my 80s, which by today's standards, would be risky, but expected breakthroughs in stem cell and gene therapies between 2015 and 2020, will enable repair of body parts before they wear out. With help from these new technologies, I could end the decade at 90 years, but with a biological body of a 40'ish person.

The following decade, 2020-2030, will provide nanotech miracles that promise radical improvements in both health and affluence. By 2030, I hope to resemble a perfectly healthy 20-something enjoying the good life.

By 2035-2040, there is an excellent chance the Singularity, a point in time when machines equal or surpass human intelligence levels, combined with predicted artificial intelligence advances, will enable my mind to be copied for uploading into a newly cloned human or silicon body, should disaster strike the old one. At this time, my lifespan can be considered indefinite without fear of unwanted death.

Most of my articles focus on the first half of this century. From 2050 on, humanity could experience breathtaking changes beyond the imaginings of science fiction. New events may happen so fast that our view of life could change completely; and yours truly cannot wait to become part of this incredible "magical future."

Comments welcome.

Futuretalk, aka Dick Pelletier

Dale Carrico said...

After all, every con artist is just selling a dream. Clap louder, you know, for kids! Very Serious, Very Positive.

joe said...

"nanotech miracles that promise radical improvements in both health and affluence"

"Miracles" indeed....he comes across as ever so slightly delusional with all this "nanotech" (I hope he doesn't mean actual nano scale robots, thats Sci-fi)

Cloned humans?, I'd be genuinly surprised if society went down the route of cloned humans.

We have battles now over abortion and what rights the unborn have never mind growing a person just to overwrite their mind with someon elses.

Just saying that made me shiver with it's creepyness.

Ah he also mentions mind uploading...well why not have the tri fecta of BS I guess.

"By 2030, I hope to resemble a perfectly healthy 20-something enjoying the good life."

Ah yes, screw those people dying in Africa from Malaria or people in Bandladesh with no clean water...I want to be a 20 year old for ever!!.

But since I'm so scared of dying I'll never actually do anything interesting or excting with this superduper body...