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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Constraints on Conviviality?

Unexpected and unescorted, and without making a sound, a large brown turkey, surrounded by seven smaller but not infantile variations of the same, just promenaded rather magestically if ridiculously past our house along the sidewalk, altogether ignored by neighbors and whizzing traffic to which the turkeys, I grant you, also seemed indifferent. I live in Oakland, mind you, not Nebraska, and though ours is a tolerant multicultural urban neighborhood I wonder if this experiment in conviviality will end well for the turkeys.


Anonymous said...

Yes tolerant multicultural neighborhoods are convivial, until the Islamists invade and start killing Jews and homosexuals. This is happening throughout the Western world, and it will happen in your neighborhood soon. This is the bitter fruit of the leftist takeover of the West: cultural suicide enabled by delusional people like you. Enjoy your little fantasy while it lasts!

Dale Carrico said...

I'm assuming that comment is parody?

Dale Carrico said...

Dear stupid racist asshole suddenly realizing his latest comment has been deleted, congratulations! You have arrived at the utopia you dream of, a world in which this multiculturalist's tolerance will no longer be extended... to you. No need to thank me.