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Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney Going Right Means GOP Giving Up on Romney

The Romney campaign is megaphoning a decision to turn right and embrace the crazytown crazy (even more, that is) from now to November because this is going to be a Base election, blah blah blah. Many are scratching their heads at these announcements, given that this strategy is inevitably going to alienate (even more, that is) the majorities Romney would need to have a chance to win this election. Everything becomes clear, however, when you grasp that what is actually happening is that the GOP has completely given up on a Romney victory (just as the GOP crazytown primary itself was an advance symptom of the strong suspicion of the party that nobody was going to beat Obama) and they are diverting funds to activate the Base so that downticket races have a chance to hold the line against a Democratic congressional tidal election abetted by an Obama landslide. What, you expect them actually to admit that Romney can't win? Follow the money, the admission is there.

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