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Friday, September 17, 2010

Lady Gaga Fighting DADT


Summerspeaker said...

Worthwhile in context, but I would much rather see the queer community renounce and oppose the military en masse.

Dale Carrico said...

Yes, I'm dedicated to nonviolence (trained in nonviolence by the King Center in Atlanta, teach peace to college students) and anti-militarism, too, just as I happen to believe the institution of marriage is a vestige of human trafficking and promotes the false romantic fantasy of the Other that will Complete us.

And yet it is crucial to grasp that the specific exclusion of queer folks from these prevalent institutions functions primarily to marginalize and precarize queers, and that one struggles to include queers precisely to overcome this marginalization and precarization.

Those of us who would struggle against militarization and possessive affiliation delude ourselves if we think there is anything radical about collaborating with the status quo in the ongoing exclusion of queer folks from these practices and formations. That is another heteronormative patriarchal ruse, I think.

When queers are welcomed into conventional marriage and the military, when we are fully legible as good citizen-subject, and yet resist and reject these, then and only then will our repudiation specifically as queers take on the force of radicalism in my view.