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Monday, September 27, 2010

Will the Republicans Listen to the Actually Real America on Healthcare Reform They Monolithically Undermined and Obstructed and Now Run on Repealing?

Americans who think President Obama's health care law should have gone further outnumber the ones who think the government should stay out of health care by 2 to 1. Roughly four in 10 adults think the new law did not go far enough to change the health care system, regardless of whether they support it, while just one in five say they oppose the law because they think the federal government should not be involved in health care at all.

PS: The answer to the question posed by the title of this post is: "Of course they won't."


Martin said...

I'd love to see the source for that survey. The Political Wire web site doesn't actually link to the poll. Or maybe the link was changed, but now it just goes to a map of the US and asks you to find a local AP affiliate.

However, as someone posted in the comments to that Political Wire post, a Rasmussen Poll shows that 57% of likely voters support repeal of health care reform, while 35% oppose it.

So, I went to the AP web site directly, looking for the original poll. There's this one, posted on September 21, which shows that 46% "somewhat" or "strongly" disapprove of the way Obama is handling health care, while 36% "somewhat" or "strongly" approve (page 2).

On page 3 they ask, "do you favor, oppose [or neither] the law changing the health care system..."? And 30% favor it (somewhat or strongly), while 40% oppose it and another 30% are neither.

That may not be the AP survey they're referencing, but I'm not sure where Political Wire is getting their numbers, and there's plenty of contradicting evidence.

Dale Carrico said...

Rasmussen's "likely voters" would disproportionately sample Republicans idiotically fired up about "socializing medicine" in respect to Americans at large, which I have to assume is what is meant by "Americans" in this apparently bashful AP polling. As you say, one wishes the link actually didn't click into a cul-de-sac but actually provided details. Given that "approve" "disapprove" responses about the Health Care Bill or Obama's "handling" of it fail to disaggregate those who rightly disapprove the result isn't equitably social democratic enough from those who idiotically believe it represents the march of skeery socialism against God's Chosen white race I think those polls, especially as they make their way to the Village spin cycle, give off more noise than light.