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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Name Three Things That Made This Awful Decade Worth Living Through

Mine: Met Eric, earned my PhD, the night Obama won the Presidency.


Nato Welch said...

The Internet, Canadians, and hallucinogens.

Geoff said...

#1: Got out of Redding
#2: Got into Berkeley
#3: Had the best education ever.

Happy New Years Dale!

Martin said...

1: I did NOT go to prison.
2: Bought a house.
3: The Singularity happened. ;)

JTB said...

got out of the South, made a baby, got a PhD.

Seth Mooney said...

learned Spanish, found Hannah Arendt, started exploring San Francisco inch by inch in early '00 and pretty much tasted all of it before leaving in late '09.