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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Can't President Obama Overreact to Petty Criminals to Show How Strong We Are?

Recent Republican complaints about Obama's "security failures" are funny -- especially given Republican indifference to warnings about 9/11, Republican amnesia about the Anthrax attacks, Republican politicization of rising terror around the globe, Republican incomprehension that immoral illegal wars of choice based on lies recruit terrorists rather than diminishing them, Republican preferences for useless tyrannical "Security Theater" over sensible security measures, and the odd Republican lust to transform a rag-tag band of dumb criminals (with occasional dumb luck) into Warriors in a world-historical Conflict to Make Republican Penises Seem Bigger.

Make them pay in the upcoming mid-term elections.

More, and better, Democrats.

1 comment:

Nato Welch said...

Aren't these the same guys who opposed helmet and seat belt laws that would save more American lives that terrorism has ever taken?